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Supporting our clients and getting the justice and compensation they deserve after being seriously injured is our main goal. At Roper & White, a skilled Tyler Tx truck accident attorney in Northeast Texas is ready and able to represent you with your personal injury case.

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We have seen first-hand the damage that can come with a truck or 18-wheeler accident and we have the skill and experience needed to represent you in a case against the trucking company involved.

Car Accidents

Were you involved in a car accident and now your insurance company is placing you at fault, pressuring you to take an unfair settlement, or stalling on their payments? You may need an aggressive, no-nonsense personal injury lawyer on your case.

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If you feel that the financial recovery you receive from your employers insurance company after being injured on the job is unfair. Speak with a Roper & White attorney today.

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If you've been severely hurt or a loved one has died because of an accident contact Roper & White immediately to schedule your free consultation.